June 13, 2017: Kai Andersen and the Pickups

On Thursday, June 13, 2017, we are looking forward to our conversation with a couple of local guys growing in reputation, Kai and Patrick, of Kai Andersen and the Pickups.   They play an American Rock steeped in the history and tradition of American legends like: Bob Dylan, Bruce Springstein and Tom Petty.   Kai describes their music as a combination of Ryan Adams and The Gin Blossoms.

What we hear is a song and sound that is uniquely Midwestern in attitude and sound.  Kai Andersen and the Pickups walk a beautiful line between their love and respect of where they are from, and a hope for the possibilities of what the future holds.  These are brilliant musicians and songwriters who work hard at their craft.  And it shows.

Below you will find a promo view for the band, and I suggest that you keep up to date with Kai Andersen and the Pickups and definitely go see a show.    You can find them on Facebook, here.


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