Rich Kolo, and why “Out Of The Garage?”

Out Of The Garage is a bi-weekly podcast interviewing musicians about their experiences gigging, recording, and writing. Discussing how to manage band personalities, and ultimately trying to find each artists’ “why.” While we suspect other musicians and artists will learn a lot from these interviews, we also believe that everyone will find something useful or uplifting from these life lessons.

The host, Rich Kolo, is a Chicago-area native, and local-area songwriter/musician. He began playing guitar when he was 13 years old, but did not join his first band until 1999, after he graduated law school and moved out to the burbs.  He was in and out of a number of cover bands, most of which never made their first gig.  The most successful experience during this time was as one-half of an acoustic duo playing a downtown Chicago sandwich shop every Monday afternoon as a band called “Will Work For Food.” Rich and his buddy would haul their acoustic guitars downtown once a week and annoy the patrons with horrible dumb banter, and covers of songs like “Secret Agent Man.” During his cover band days, Rich was never afraid to push his ability to learn or grab other instruments, learning both bass and drums, to help complete a cover band line-up.

In 2013, at the age of 41, Rich quit the cover band scene, wrote his first ever original song, and started his current band, One Ping Only.  He is quick to tell anyone who will listen, he wishes he had started writing his own music decades earlier.   While he has no expectation in terms of money or fame for the band, he says he will never give it up because it has been an amazing and rewarding personal journey and experience, and one that he cannot imagine stopping.  Rich says, “Every year I craft a couple of goals, just small baby steps for the band, that I know are achievable if we just push a little bit.  As a result, the band keeps rolling forward, and we never get bored.”

After finishing up the recording of their first EP, “In Deep Space,” (one of those baby-steps) he came up with the idea of doing a podcast where he interviewed other musicians, and talked to them about their musical journeys.  He hoped that it could be very informative for other artists, but also that it might be filled with life lessons that anyone could learn from.

Out Of The Garage was founded in April of 2017.

By day, Rich is an attorney with an active litigation practice in the Chicagoland area.  He has two kids, a daughter in college, and a son on his to way college.  If you like the way he interviews, or not, he learned the craft from doing thousands of depositions during the course of his career.  This taught him how important it is to not just build rapport and trust with the interviewee, but to also abide by that trust.  And most importantly LISTEN.  If you do that, you get the honest answers.