Nate Averbeck, Producer/Co-Host

Co-host and producer Nate Averbeck works and lives in the Northwest Chicago suburbs, commuting to and from Chicago daily for 12 years as an IT professional.  In his “other life”, Nate is the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist for One Ping Only, a garage rock original music band based out of Grayslake, IL.

Nate’s musical life began at the age of 8, when he began playing the clarinet at his elementary school in Garland Texas.  Shortly after that his family relocated to Kenosha, Wisconsin and he continued to play clarinet through High School, joining multiple large groups such as Kenosha Pops and the Milwaukee University State Band.  Believing music in band and orchestra to be his future, Nate went to college as a clarinet performance major, with a heavy focus on “performance” and a healthy disdain for all the rest related. Older and wiser Nate wishes he’d paid a little more attention during those theory and pedagogy classes!

After a year and a half at university, Nate found his calling for IT related work and left college to become an IT technician. He continued to grow his career through those years, leaving music behind him.

In 2011 Nate picked up a guitar and never put it back down, rediscovering the joy of music in his life.  This led to becoming a vocalist as well as a guitar player, and from 2011-2016 Nate was in and out of cover bands, original music bands (including a brief stint starting up One Ping Only with Rich!)  However, due to professional pressures, Nate had to leave the band and refocus on his career, but never stopped practicing and working on his musical efforts.

In 2016, he rejoined One Ping Only and now can’t imagine life without music and his band mates.  Music has filled a hole in his life, and Out of the Garage is a venue in which he can explore the lives and talents of other musicians, and share his love for rock and roll!

Nate and his wife Christina live in the Northwest Chicago suburbs, with their sons Jaycob and Levi.